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        We wanted to integrate enterprise level web stat tools with our website that will give us more insight into how our site is being used.

    Can you recommend one?




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    there is google+ and facebook and the twitter's there are alot of thing also don't forget alexa

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    Hey Praveen,

    There is a bunch of web stat tools currently available on the market, some provide basic stats, some provide more complex data; some can be integrated into you website and some are external; and of course you have different pricing plans (there are some freeware tools so perhaps you can try them out before spending money). Anyway, here are a few you can check out - Google Analytics, Piwik, Clicky, Statcounter, Woopera, AWStats, or FireStats.

    Jamal wrote:

    there is google+ and facebook and the twitter's...

    Those will probably not give you the stats you are looking for, but mostly social media related stats.

    Good luck :)


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    well sarah I mostly find the traffic is very related with social media integration.. that's my own recommendation

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    There is Statcounter that provides a lot of info and it's free, AWstats works well, Newstat Press is good, another good one is GetClicky which is an alternative to Google Analytics if you don't want Google knowing too much of your business for whatever reason, those are one's I've used in the past, I currently use Statcount and Newstat Press and they pretty much provide me all the information I need for my site.  

    You usually have to try one or two out to see what options you prefer for yourself, good luck.


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