Hi all,

I need to build an application!
I need failover and load balancing!
I need to call legacy Stored Procedures in Sybase!
I need caching because these Stored Procedures returns large resultset to each of my clients. Each resultset has to be kept as long as the client is active.
I have IBM WebSphere's technology in-the-house!

We should I start?
With J2EE?
Is J2EE for me?
Can I use EJB's to get over all the issues?
Stored Procedures?

I think Maybe Yes :-)
But what architecture should I use around the EJB's to handle the caching and clustering or is it all built in for me?
So tell me, only to use EJB's if you really really have to.
Do I really really have to?
Should I just look at my caching issues or should I look at the bigger picture and work with it in a EJB framework?

Many thanks in Advance