iPlanet Web server and NAS 2.1 App server


Performance and scalability: iPlanet Web server and NAS 2.1 App server

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    I need to know if I can make a NAS2.1 appserver talk to an
    iPlanet web server.
    1. Is it possible.?
    2. If yes, do I require any plugins for the same.??
    3. If yes, is it required on NAS side or iPlanet side.??
    4. Either way, will it require reinstallation of either one..??
    5. If all are yes, where can I get the plugins..??

    Cheers, Nishad.

  2. Hi,

    I am tryping the same stuff..I am using iPlanet Web Server and WebLogic App Server.So i have tried some configuration..U need to get NSAPI plug in.Configure your obj.conf file in iPlanet and put the command to load the NSAPI .U have to use proxy36.dll which u wld find in weblogic/bin.Aftere doing this i am facing a problem that its not redirecting to app server when a jsp request comes..

    u can vist this URL
    if uare able to get thru pls mail me too....

    Init fn="load-modules" shlib="c:/Netscape/Server4/bin/https/bin/proxy36.dll" funcs="wl-proxy,wl-init"
    <Object name="default">
    #AuthTrans fn="admin-check-admpw" admpwfile="C:/Netscape/Server4/https-admserv/config/admpw" #admdns="*.mcom.com" admip="*" final="true"
    NameTrans fn="assign-name" name="user-environment" from="/user-environment/*"
    #NameTrans fn="admin-uri2path" root="C:/Netscape/Server4/https-admserv/config"
    NameTrans fn="document-root" root="D:/web"
    #PathCheck fn="check-acl" acl="admin-defaults"
    PathCheck fn="nt-uri-clean"
    PathCheck fn="ntcgicheck" extension=".exe"
    PathCheck fn="find-index" index-names="index.html"
    ObjectType fn="admin-ftype"
    Service method="(GET|HEAD|POST|PUT)" type="text/jsp" fn="wl-proxy" WebLogicHost="isd78t" WebLogicPort="7001" PathPrepend="D:/web"
    Service fn="send-cgi" type="magnus-internal/cgi"
    Service fn="imagemap" method="GET" type="magnus-internal/imagemap"
    Service fn="send-file" method="GET"
    Error fn="admin-error" reason="server error"

    <Object name="weblogic_jsp">
    Service method="(GET|HEAD|POST|PUT)" type=text/jsp fn=wl-proxy\
    WebLogicHost=isd78t WebLogicPort=7001 PathPrepend=/D:web

    #<Object name="user-environment">
    #PathCheck fn="check-acl" acl="user-environment"

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