Hack Yourself to Prevent Procrastination & Information Overload


News: Hack Yourself to Prevent Procrastination & Information Overload

  1. Did you know that more than 1/2 of the people sitting in the room with you blame lack of focus and multi-tasking as the #1 reason they are not getting their work done?

    In a recent report on Developer Productivity that had over 1800 total surveyed, we found that 53% of respondents listed “Too Much Multi-taskingâ€? as the main reason for anti-productivity. (btw, this report includes 30 pages of stats, analysis and interviews. Check it out!)

    It was while considering this fact that I came across an article about focus and distractions that filtered to me through the lazyweb, so I decided to write about my own experiences in that area....read the full editorial: http://zeroturnaround.com/blog/hack-yourself-to-prevent-procrastination-information-overload/


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  2. The Who[ Go to top ]

    The Who had this figured out 40 years ago

    He ain't got no distractions
    Can't hear those buzzers and bells,
    Don't see lights a flashin'
    Plays by sense of smell.