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    Hello friends...

    I know this has got no relevance with JSP or servlets.
    But I needed to ask this question..
    As I am very much worried about what will be the future of java programmers.Looking at the C# specification and performance offered by this technology as compared to performance bottleneck experienced in java programs.

    I sincerely feel Sun should have done more R & D towards JIT compilier and freed the java programmers against the performance issues.Looking at the aggressive marketing Microsoft is doing for .NET and the response its getting from around the world.......Its really a time to ponder as WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE..?
    Not to mention .NET is really something.

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    Why are you worried? Do you own stock in Sun? If C# replaces Java, write C# code. If Notepad replaces C#, write code with Notepad. It all pays the same.
  3. Hi,
        I appriciate your reply It is very practical.
  4. Rama , I think there is no difference in Java and C#..
    System.out.println ... in java

    Console.out.writein ... in C#

    Get Me !

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    Hi Jeff ,
    It is a real fundoo answer.No matter which ever technology comes,it does not make any difference unless the computers are replaced with some other idiot box.