Borland unveils JBuilder 5


News: Borland unveils JBuilder 5

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    As part of its cross-platform solution, JBuilder 5 adds new application server support for IBM WebSphere, along with upgraded support for BEA WebLogic 6 and Borland App Server 4.5. Customers can choose to develop and deploy applications on Windows, Solaris or Linux platforms. This not only offers customers more choices, but more interoperability between the different platforms, application servers and team environments.

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  2. Another new feature in JB5 is that they expect you to pay 80% of the retail price for an upgrade. Its like paying for a whole new product every year. Nice touch Borland.
  3. Well, pricing is pricing. Let us just hope that Borland's marketing team did its homework.

    My idea for Borland would be to acquire TogetherSoft, which is most dynamicly growing tool vendor IMO. Or provide functionality similar to Together/J right in JBuilder.

    BTW: Are they going to scrap Foundation version?

  4. Why does TogetherSoft need Borland. They have an outstanding tool and a much better pricing scheme. The last thing TogetherSoft needs is Borland
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    I agree with Declan, pricing an upgrade at that amount gives a customer no reason to stay with this product. Pricing may be pricing but it seems to me that Borland's marketing people (and there sales force whom I've dealt with personally ) obviously don't have a clue about what they are doing. The product might be great but I am certainly not to sure about anything else with Broland.
    Jeff Anderson
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    Anyone actually used the new WebSphere support? How was it? Useful? Or damned slow?