In preparation, for their live event in Boston next week, JBoss and Red Hat held a live online event on Wednesday where they made a few product announcements and launched their new JBoss Way marketing slogan. The following excerpt is form coverage of that JBoss online event. There's more about Red Hat product news over on's blog.

In his keynote speech at a live online event yesterday, Dr. Mark Little the director of middleware engineering at Red Hat, introduced the new products as well as a new motto for the old open source middleware company. Little and others repeatedly referred to the ‘’JBoss Way’’ when explaining the drives and rationale behind the new products. The direction of the new products, however, was not so new.

Rich Sharples, director of product management at Red Hat, implied that mobile applications, data management, and cloud platforms have been major pillars of the company's middleware strategy for the past five years or so.

In a statement, Senior Analyst Jay Lyman of 451 Research called JBoss EAP 6 "Red Hat's most ambitious release of the software ever, with capabilities and features in cloud computing, mobile software and big data – all of which are key strategic areas of enterprise deployment."  According to Sharples, these three concepts are providing a constructive synergy for enterprise application development.

How important are these three concepts for modern enterprise application development? Is this where your organization is putting its focus? Has the influx of data been a boon to your business intelligence projects? Are your end users demanding mobile access to core business applications? Is it all a bunch of vendor hype?

Leave us a comment and let us know what your experience can tell us.