Google today announced moving Google Web Toolkit (GWT) to more open development model with independent steering group overseeing its development. The steering group includes notable GWT users like Google, Vaadin, Sencha and RedHat.

Vaadin announced at Google IO that it will include GWT in the upcoming Vaadin Framework 7. This way Vaadin will allow user interface development both on the server-side and on the client-side. Server-side development is optimized for productivity with fully automated communications and browser-side. Client-side development gives a full control of rendering and communications to the developer who can still use Java as the programming language. Including the both development models in one framework removes need for making any compromises when choosing tools for building rich web applications on the Java platform.

Vaadin 7 release is expected in the beginning of October. The first developer preview version (alpha 3) with GWT built-in was released today.

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