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    Owendo technology, an IT research firm has recently released a 279-page report evaluating 33 application servers. More information and free excerpts are available here

    May 18, 2001

    Owendo technology Releases Web Application Server Panorama
    First volume in the series Owendo’s Technological Dossiers

    Application servers represent a fundamental part of all Web architectures, no matter the type of site being developed(information site, transactional site, intranet application, etc.).

    Owendo technology’s Web Application Server Panorama takes an in-depth look at the latest trends in the application server market.

    33 application servers are gone over with a fine-toothed comb. The market leaders are closely examined and evaluated on 25 timely and pertinent criteria (ease-of-implementation, functionalities, cost, durability, etc.).

    Unbiased and uncompromising, this report is based on Owendo’s expertise in the area of Web architecture and the nearly 100 consulting projects Owendo technology has successfully carried out for its customers.

    In addition to general descriptions of application servers and technical architectures, Owendo technology puts all the current market solutions into perspective by presenting various software vendors and their respective products:

    - Presentation of each vendor, its solution and its strategy.

    - A detailed information sheet about each application server.

    - The strengths and weaknesses of each product.

    - Description of the contexts conducive (and those not conducive) to the use of each server.

    - Commented architecture, evaluation and positioning diagrams for each of the market leaders.

    280 pages in color, illustrated with clear and informative diagrams, Owendo technology’s Web Application Server Panorama points out the following:

    - Combining productivity and compliance with standards (Java, J2EE) is a real challenge for vendors. It is worth noting that of the 33 application servers evaluated, 24 use Java and 19 use J2EE technology.

    - With the hindsight of these past three years, we now have a better view of the use of object technologies for developing sophisticated and scalable Web architectures. The use of such technologies results in large investments for enterprises (object servers, specific – and often lengthy – training for development teams, required peripheral tools, etc.).

    - Although products are mature, productivity is still insufficient.

    - With a price-to-quality ratio within the range of traditional players, Open Source solutions now represent veritable competitors in the application server market.

    Written by a Web integrator, this Panorama is not the fruit of lab tests; rather, it is a valuable decision-making tool designed to help enterprises answer business-critical questions.

    The methodology and approach used to evaluate the various application servers are based on the conclusions drawn and the customer feedback received by Owendo technology’s consultants during in-the-field projects.

    Combining the experience acquired during in-depth consulting assignments, Web development projects and past product comparisons, Owendo technology’s consultants have a global view of what is at stake for enterprises, as well as an understanding – both global and specialized – of this domain.

    For more information about Owendo technology’s Web Application Server Panorama, go to: or contact technology at owendo dot com

    About Owendo

    Owendo, formerly CStech, is specialized in technological consultancy and Web marketing, interactive communication and engineering for e-project creation.

    Owendo has inherited CStech’s technical expertise and knowledge about complex project management and piloting of Internet, intranet and extranet projects and counts many major corporations in its portfolio of repeat customers.

    The Group has offices in the three major economic regions of France. 245-employees and growing, Owendo has been restructured in order to better meet the ever-changing needs of e-projects.

    By structuring its business activity around three areas of expertise, Owendo has expanded to the areas of technological consultancy and Web marketing and is now able to accompany its customers at every stage of their e-projects.
  2. At 2 grand a pop, and considering the pace at which news becomes stale in this industry, I wish them luck selling this publication.