Component Technology Vs. Object Technology


General J2EE: Component Technology Vs. Object Technology

  1. Could somebody highlight the comparison between Component technology and Object technology???
  2. Component is a technology that is based in the concept of container. In the case of JavaBean (not enterprise) the container would be the IDE. In the case of EJB the container is the app server. The container provides some of the requeriments of the component. Component is a object that os deployed in the container.
  3. In my view, an object model mostly says something about the static properties of your program. Observe how C++ and Java has similar object models, but very different runtimes.

    A component model says more about the runtime (ie. dynamic) view, as opposed to the static view. COM and EJB are good examples. For instance, a component model is often contingent on a container concept (EJB containers, MTS), which is a typical runtime feature.
  4. There is also a little difference on good design between components and objects. For example, component shall have less functions and more parameters while object shall have more functions and less parameters.
  5. Ok First of all they are differenct. Object technology is concerned with abstracting a business model. It has more to do with design and implementation. Components is just a deployment strategy. Nothing to do with Objects in the true sense. They are referred to as components basically to highlight the reusability portion of it's nature. They are like commodities can be moved around fitted into compatible jig-saws in various positions etc.... In short Objects are what and how you model. Components are how you package and deploy!
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