Cape Clear released CapeConnect Two for J2EE. This release of CapeConnect has a lot of cool features such as "Direct Internet Access to EJB Components Using SOAP" without writing any code. It also support the Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0. Please read the attached press release for all the features that CapeConnect Two offers.

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Press Release
Cape Clear Software, a leading provider of Web Services technology, today announced the full availability of CapeConnectTwo for J2EE(Java2 Platform, Enterprise Edition). CapeConnect Two is the world's first Web Services Platform for J2EE and Enterprise JavaBeans(EJB). CapeConnect now enables the creation of Web Services on the Internet that link Java, EJB, Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA), and Microsoft .NET based applications. It also offers full compatibility with Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0.

Cape Clear's award-winning CapeConnect product is a true Web Services Platform, enabling developers to build Web Services without the need to understand enterprise technologies, like EJB or J2EE, or XML technologies, such as Simple Object Application Protocol (SOAP) and Web Services Description Language (WSDL). CapeConnect is the industry's first Web Service Container, providing a rich runtime infrastructure. The container manages the life cycle of Web Services and allows the developer to concentrate on writing business logic, rather than infrastructure code. In summary, Cape Clear is extending the reach of Web Services to mainstream developers and not just enterprise architects.

"Web Services are enabling corporations to revisit their original hopes for the Internet in terms of building new powerful applications which can be easily and quickly integrated with others across the Web," commented Annrai O'Toole, Executive Chairman at Cape Clear. "With products such as CapeConnect, these highly functional applications can be written not just by system architects but by the entire development community. We believe this approach of enabling everyone to create and link Web Services is what will finally deliver critical mass in terms of corporate Web applications."

"Information is becoming the strategic capital of business," according to Yefim Natis, Vice President and Research Director at Gartner. "The challenge for corporations is that while the importance of electronic data is growing, there is a greater heterogeneity in the technology being used across the virtual enterprise. Web Services Architecture offers a standard way of exposing services of both new and existing applications and to simplify application integration across internal and external applications. Web Services can also facilitate connections to and from unanticipated requestors. Gartner believes that by 2005 up to 90 percent of medium and large enterprises will use Web Services Architecture and tools to build at least some of their new code and for adopting older applications to the requirements of the new virtual enterprise."

"At Xenotrope we see CapeConnect as a powerful tool to help our clients build systems that provide and use Web Services. CapeConnect allows us to transform existing systems to Web Services, as well as provide a Web Services based infrastructure for new business systems," commented Henry Balen, Director of Technology at Xenotrope. "CapeConnect provides key pieces for what is rapidly becoming the standard for wide-scale distributed and co-operative systems. These will form the foundation for the next generation of electronic commerce."

CapeConnect Two for J2EE features:

No Coding Required
CapeConnect automatically creates Web Services from new and existing EJB components without the need to write custom or proprietary code. CapeConnect then makes these services available over the Internet using SOAP and HTTP.

Full J2EE Application Server Included
CapeConnect Two includes a full J2EE application server and also works with any standard J2EE or EJB server, such as WebLogic™. Cape Clear is one of 26 worldwide licensees of J2EE.

Security Features
The CapeConnect platform includes strict logon and encryption, ensuring that it is both secure and scalable.

Firewall Support
As SOAP is based on XML over HTTP, there is no need to modify existing firewall configurations.

Direct Internet Access to EJB Components Using SOAP
Exposed components are visible through existing firewalls, since all communication is based on HTTP and SOAP. CapeConnect removes the need to develop custom CGI, ASP, or JSP Web programs to map components to the Web.

Full Support for Microsoft SOAP Toolkit 2.0
CapeConnect Two for J2EE has been tested against and is completely compatible with Microsoft's latest release of the SOAP Toolkit.

Proven Interoperability with Major Web Services Technologies
CapeConnect Two for J2EE has successfully participated in open industry demonstrations with other Web Services tools, most recently at Networld+Interop with Apache, Idoox, Microsoft, PhalanxSys, and XMethods.

WSDL Support (Visual Basic, C++ Ready)
Components deployed in CapeConnect become automatically defined in Web Services Description Language (WSDL), making them accessible from non-Java clients such as Microsoft Visual Basic™, C++, or Perl as well as any other client platform with WSDL 1.1 support.

Support for Any Client Platform
CapeConnect does not impose any restriction on client platform use. Any platform that can build XML structures and communicate using HTTP is capable of acting as a client to Web Services hosted in CapeConnect.

Additional Resources:
A more detailed technical overview of CapeConnect Two for J2EE is available at:
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Cape Clear participated in a recent Web Services interoperability demonstration with Apache, Idoox, Microsoft, PhalanxSys, and XMethods:

CapeConnect has been awarded a World Class Award by XML-Journal:
XML Journal Award

Pricing and Availability
CapeConnect Two for J2EE is available immediately. It runs on Microsoft Windows NT / Windows 2000, Sun Solaris, and Linux. CapeConnect is priced at $5,000 per developer, $10,000 per CPU runtime deployment on Windows, Solaris, and Linux. It can be downloaded from

About Cape Clear Software
Cape Clear Software is automating the business Internet by providing the software products corporations need to create Web Services. Utilizing leading industry standards such as XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI, through products such as CapeConnect, Cape Clear allows new business applications to be linked over the Internet from diverse technologies such as Java, EJB, CORBA, and Microsoft .NET. Founded in 1999, Cape Clear is a privately held firm with offices in Dublin, London, and California, USA.