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    Sybase does not seem to support CachedRowSet, so I'm looking for an alternative.

    What I need to do is get a ResultSet, load this into an equivelent of a CachedRowSet, and close the ResultSet/Statement/Connection.

    Once 'cached', I need to be able to get at the data(obviously!), but I don't have any need to update this data.

    Any pointers would be gratefully received, especially pointers to example code.

    Richard Kenyon

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    Isn't CachedRowSet and extension supplied by Sun. You just download the Jar file from their web site.

    When you want a CachedRow set you just create one and populate it from the normal ResultSet you obtained from executing your SQL statement.
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    The address is
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    CachedRowSet is an extension (which I have), but it doesn't work with JConnect (the sybase JDBC driver).

    Sybase haven't implemented it as it wasn't in the JDBC 2 specification. They say they may implement it in the future, but they've not guaranteed it.

    I think I've now found an alternative, which is a TabularResults.ResultSet. This is a Sybase proprietry class which seems to offer similar functionality to CachedRowSet. I've given it a quick test, and it seems to work as I want.

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    Hi guys,

    Can u tell me exactly whats the concept of using CRS..What i understood is with normal ResultSet the connection to DataBase is maintained ..SO i am utilizing the coonection irresoective of any needs..where as in CRS i retrieve the record adn the connection is released to connection Pool.
    If this is the reason wasnt this basic requirement taken care before

    second advantage is U can update the result set in CSR and then after u have made all the changes u can update it in the backend...unlike in ResultSet where i need to write SQL query..

    Are there any other advantage..Am i getting the concept right