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    Any ideas on capacity planning for web servers? Are there some tools which can be used to do capacity planning? What are the mathematical models used to do this? If somebody is using some methodology or "set of rules" to come out with the just sufficient resources and setup, please share.


  2. I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask this but I hope that people involved in this group must be undergoing the requirement of such tools. Please suggest any pointer which might be useful.

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  3. Hitesh,

    Two resources I found to be very useful are the following books:

    The authors provide a nice mathematical background for rigorous modeling. There are other books as well, but I found these to be rather nice.

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  4. hello Hitesh,

    We have a Performance Management group within our company ( which does Capacity planning and sizing exercises for our various clients. We use a Poisson Distribution based model. We have a proprietary tool set called QueueBuster which has its own notation for creating the models and predicting the capacities etc.


  5. BEA has capacity planning guide for Weblogic, but, for some strange reason, you have to request it from their sales department.