Cross-platform mobile application development tutorial


News: Cross-platform mobile application development tutorial

  1. One of the biggest issues in mobile application development is how to build mobile apps that are applicable to many mobile devices. This issue is being escalated with the advent of bring your own device (BYOD), a policy that many organizations favored.

    Mobile devices have differing operating systems, differing screen sizes, differing attributes, such as GPS. Developing a mobile app that runs on many devices provides the cross-platform capability to make more mobile apps available to users, but it creates a lot of work for developers.

    For some suggestions on how to fix these problems, click ahead to Bill Claybrook's tutorial on

  2. This will come across as a bit cynical perhaps, but the link is hardly a tutorial and more of an exploration of devlopment options at a high level. HTML5 vs all-native vs hybrid, etc. Thus, the title is a bit misleading.

    That said, I am glad the conversation around the many options is maturing, and I look forward to seeing the way the development community avails themselves of all of these options to create new user experiences. We manufacture MobiOne to solve some of these problems, but the myriad issues of mobile development - specifically cross-platform development - are hardly "simple."

  3. Bad link above. Should be

  4. The tutorial more talks about the advantages of using the cloud platform but explain very less as what all tricks and techniques can be used for cross mobile computing.

    With mobile application development and portability gaining up the momentum it is good to see that we have started up the discussion on cross mobile platform compatibility.

    I remember about the initial web development when cross browser compatibility was one of the major challenges with developer specially with Netscape and IE but it took time and efforts to come out with multiple solutions for it.

    Good that we have now started thinking of this problem and will be coming up with the set of options soon.