I recently wrote a news story on SearchSOA.com about SwitchYard replacing Jboss ESB. Click that link to read the full article if you want more details. The basic story is that SwitchYard is going to replace JBoss ESB in the JBoss SOA Platform 6. SwitchYard has some significantly better tooling and design compared to the old JBoss ESB, most notably Camel routes. It's possible that Red Hat's newly acquired FuseSource Talent may be able to bolster SwitchYard even more, but that's pure speculation.

Most of the information in the SearchSOA.com article comes from Keith Babo, who is the project lead for SwitchYard. "JBoss ESB 4 is the existing ESB. SwitchYard is fundamentally JBoss ESB 5," he told me, and continued, "Integration is a fundamental part of any SOA project." Babo was good about giving technical details and factual examples (with maybe a pinch of hype). But he's obviously a bit biased by his closeness with the project.

I'd really like to find out what real users are doing with this new integration project. I know that some folks are already using SwitchYard, or at least playing with it, because they're posting in the JBoss forums for SwitchYard. But so far, I haven't gotten a good sit-down with a user and I'm starting to get the impression that there aren't that many out there yet.

I don't think ESBs in general have fallen out of favor. I know that the old JBoss ESB has a reputation for being sort of hard to start into. Do you think that might be keeping folks away? Is the name change stirring up confusion with railroads and electrical substations? Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. Is your team using SwitchYard? Do you know one that is? Had you heard of SwitchYard before this article? If so, let us know your impressions of the new JBoss ESB.