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OW â€“ Lincoln, thanks for meeting with me today.

LB3 – Thanks Oliver, it’s nice to see you again!

OW – Likewise LB3. So, you’ve got a couple projects I wanted to discuss with you. Let’s just start with what they’re named and a little about them.

LB3 – I have a lot of projects, including two that many people probably already know, PrettyFaces and Rewrite - URL Rewriting for Servlet and Java EE apps -  but the two that I want to tell you about today are called Errai, which is from JBoss, and the other one is a project called SocialPM, which is one of my personal side projects that’s just getting off the ground. SocialPM is a social project management tool that actually uses Errai, which is a web framework for building rich, interactive, highly-responsive distributed applications.

OW – Umm, you know I’m a marketing guy, right? What exactly does this mean?

LB3 – Oh right, sorry. So, Errai lets you do things like really fast flashy visuals, interactive stuff for users, super responsive apps. Hopefully making things more productive than what we’ve got traditionally with normal server-side type web frameworks.

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