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  1. I have dowloaded tomcat 3.2.1 and configured it on my local machine. The tomcat server starts fine and when I make a request to my jsp page i get a program error which is a small pop-up window which reads as under :-

    " java.exe has generated errors and will shut the program"

    After this error msg. the window closes and shuts down the tomcat server. I have also tried re-installing the tomcat but the same thing happens.

    Pl. help me in this regard it is urgent.
  2. I use jrun and i find it working well!
  3. Thanks Lin zhi

    I know Jrun works fine. But what is the above error and why am i getting this error with Tomcat.
  4. What version of the Java JDK are you using?

    I'd try un-installing whichever JDK you use and re-installing, as it looks like a java problem.

    Make sure you're using the latest version of whatever JDK you use, eg. JDK1.2.2_008 or JDK1.3_02.

    Sorry I can't offer anything more helpful!

  5. Can you give any more information on the error? I agree that you might need to re-install the JDK.

  6. I have tried re-installing jdk1.2.2 but nothing works.