Your next Java web app: Less XML, no long restarts, fewer hassles


News: Your next Java web app: Less XML, no long restarts, fewer hassles

  1. Surprise: Building your next Java web app doesn't have to suck. You no longer need three miles of XML to stitch your application together. In fact, you don't need it at all. And even though Maven still needs to download the internets from time to time, you can get away with coding nowadays even without restarting your app server altogether.

    In this full, three-part tutorial from ZeroTurnaround, you will see all the ingredients it takes to make this happen. If you're writing public facing web apps and would like to use a modern request-based framework instead of a component based one, using the latest tricks available, then check out this tutorial where we build an actual application using Spring, Hiberate, Maven, Eclipse, Tomcat and JRebel.

    You can also download the PDF version to take home with you.

  2. ZeroTurnaround is paying a lot of attention to the pain the devs and ops folks are feeling at their jobs. I hope to see a lot more of this type of content coming out in the future.

  3. Instead of configuring all the stuff you mentioned (Spring, Hiberate, Maven, Eclipse, Tomcat) together every time just use a real application server and the whole java stack (JEE) --> Thats it!

    We have great experiences with:

     eclipse + glassfish plugin + glassfish (eclipse link -> can but must not be replaced with hibernate)

    We also used jBoss 6.x (debug mode in eclipse) + <Dynamic Code Evolution VM [see:]>

    All open source ....


  5. Please, if time to change the page. To achieve real productivity, switch to Grails 2.0 or Playframework.

  6. IMHO, no one should need to learn and switch to a new technology to get a rapid feedback cycle. It's called JRebel - supports every in your stack out of the box.

  7. Okay'ish, though:

    • Using JSP is bad for you - you might as well get used to generating DOM on the client side with jQuery, so use HTML, AJAX & JSON instead
    • Prefer JDO with DataNucleus instead of Hibernate to simplify Java -> Database interaction even further
  8. JSON in Spring[ Go to top ]

    ... for that you use Jackson which automatically converts Controller-methods' IO to/from JSON