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    I am struggling with an architecural issue in a DCE. I am
    deploying 5 servers across 5 diff. systems (on diff. OS !) and I
    need them to exchange objects amongst them.
    I can use the following approaches

    a) Can I Deploy EJB servers on all the servers , and let the
    application servers handle the communication across systems and
    beans-- way to expensive $$$$

    b) Use RMI to excahnge objects - perhaps not the right way to do
    it. Also more or less an overhead also, and has this
    serialization problem.

    c) Use RAW sockets and pass serialized objects around - again not
    all objects I use implement the serializeable interface and hence
    the problem ( for sure the XMLDocument objects from JAXP/XALAN do
    not !)

    d) Can I use JMS for this ???

    I am totally puzzled by this perhaps we need a JOE API (Java
    Object Exchange API, which is a simple API to do this !--anyone

    Any suggestions on how I must proceed on this would really help


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  2. Hi

    I doubt whether I have the knowledge enough to answer this query.
    But my solution is why can't you cluster the EJB servers. In clustering you will be having a common JNDI shared accross many servers. So when the hit comes to one of the server it will automatically redirect to the Serrver where the EJB is resiing.

    If I am wrong give me a shout.
  3. You should look into EJB servers which properly implement RMI over IIOP. You could then marshall all IDL defined objects which could be used acorss platforms and languages.


    Check out Sybase EAServer which supports EJB, C, C++, CORBA, COM, PowerBuilder and marshalls objects using RMI over IIOP.


    Dave Wolf
    Internet Applications Division