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    Hello all

    I'm on a personal project of developing our own Application Server (Should I say Customized!). I'm still at the design stage.Any one Can help me out to develop..Atleast if u can gimme some web-sites of relevant info,I'll be glad enough.
    (Any one who wanna join me,please send me a mail at knvms at hotmail dot com)
    Thanks in adv
    madhu sudhan
  2. The best bet is Apache site[].This is a free source site.So you can download the code tweak it as per your needs.

  3.    I would download the source for the two existing application servers (Jonas and jBoss), and work off that. Why would you want to implmement your own app. server anyway? There are allready too many app. servers.

      Why not use an existing open source app. server and add code to it, you could even contribute to their project.

  4. I believe Floyd's idea is the best way to do.I agree with him and suggest that you follow this principle.

  5. That's great. But I would rather develop my own server which suits my own requirements.

    Thanks guys
  6. like....reinventing the wheel ??