Idoox, the Web Services infrastructure company, today released the first beta of Idoox WASP (Web Applications and Services Platform). Idoox WASP comes in three editions - Lite, Advanced and UDDI.
WASP Lite is a free entry-level product for Web Service development. It can be used to create and deploy simple, departmental-level Web Services. WASP Lite includes Web Services tools and a Web Services runtime engine that may be plugged into any Servlet API-compliant Web server. Sun Forte for Java (aka NetBeans) IDE extensions are also available in this edition.
WASP Advanced is an enterprise product that extends WASP Lite with modules for enterprise security and J2EE integration. WASP Advanced is used to develop and deploy secure and transaction-aware Web Services in corporate environment. WASP Advanced also includes full support for SOAP over JMS and a UDDI client package.
WASP UDDI includes the same features as WASP Advanced, as well as UDDI repository functionality. The UDDI repository serves as the Web Services master index within a domain or corporation. WASP UDDI is one of the first full implementations of the UDDI v 1.0 API. A WASP UDDI preview is running on the Idoox Web site, so it can be tested online.
In this beta, Idoox focused on interoperability with other SOAP stack implementations. Also, all WASP runtime APIs were enhanced. The three editions of Idoox WASP can be downloaded from the Idoox Web site at . Feature requests and bug reports may be sent to support at idoox dot com, or to our mailing lists.