JXInsight/Simz 1.0 is a revolutionary new approach to application performance monitoring (APM) based on a highly scalable discrete event simulation engine that replays, in near real-time, the execution behavior and resource consumption ofmetered activities (code, requests, transactions, interactions) across an entire infrastructure of instrumented application runtimes within a single simulated (virtual) application runtime.

Seven Key Features

  • Simulated: Replay of metered execution behavior across an entire application runtime through a convergence of both time and space
  • Simplified: An incredibly easy way to tackle behavior analysis and runtime diagnosis across distributed/parallel executions
  • Singular: A single application/activity monitoring glass plane and resource metering model
  • Speed: Near real-time (sub ms delay) application performance monitoring and service level agreement reporting/alerting
  • Standardized: An universal binary protocol, behavior model and plugin API irrespective of topology, language or runtime
  • Secure: Provide an isolated monitoring environment for both developers and operations staff for runtime observation and inspection
  • Scalable: Monitor execution performance and behavior across hundreds or thousands of processes and threads

JXInsight/Simz makes it incredibly easy to get the big performance picture on BIG DATA processing by feeding in near real-time the metering data collected in local application runtimes to remote simulation services in which the whole distributed and parallel execution is (re)played out by threads. 

Getting a stack dump across all active application runtimes has never been easier or faster.