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    Can we use URL Encode in JSP file to remove special characteres such as %20 (equivalent to blank space), which are the part of the HTTP URL.
    I guess similar thing is used in ASP, do we have something like that in JSP too.


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    Take a look at java.net.URLDecoder and java.net.URLEncoder. I think what you want is URLDecoder.

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    but still my problem remains the same.
    let me explain u what exactly i want to do:
    there is a file name with spaces, for example abc 123.txt,
    now i want to display this file in the browser in a separate window. i am using javascript window.open(), where i am passing this file name. So what happens is the space in abc 123.txt is getting converted to abc%20123.txt, which is not existing and i am getting the error as "FILE NOT FOUND".
    I hope i have made my problem quite clear. It would be great help if u could suggest some thing. I am using JSP and weblogic server.
    Thank you very much
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    I'm not sure how you're passing the file name to the JSP, but somehow you have to isolate the file name in a String variable. Once you do that, just use java.net.URLDecoder.decode(filename).


    (assuming file name is being passed as a request parameter, i.e. http://myserver/foo.jsp?filename=abc%20123.txt)

    In your JSP:

    <%@ page import="java.net.*" %>
    String encodedFilename = request.getParameter("filename"); // isolate the filename in a variable
    String decodedFilename = URLDecoder.decode(encodedFilename);

    I would also suggest that you use the absolute path to access the file.

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    Thanks a lot Andy,
    Some how i am able to solve the problem now. Thanks for the help.
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    u can go to JAVA API and look for Encode , Yes u can encode the path of URL