Open Source Mobile Enterprise Backend (MBaaS) released


News: Open Source Mobile Enterprise Backend (MBaaS) released

  1. I would like to announce the release of 2.2-RC1 (Release Candidate) of the OpenMobster, Mobile Backend As a Service platform.

    Just like any other app, mobile apps require a backend to access their data. This data can be stored in a database, CRM system, ERP, etc. One thing that sets mobile apps apart from your web apps is availability of local storage and ability to work offline. However, offline access brings its own nightmare of making sure that the data is properly synchronized with the backend. Developers can try to write the sync service on their own or use the backend as a service to provide the sync platform and integrate with a ready made service. The same goes for the Push Notification infrastructure and Location-Oriented App infrastructure.

    In a way, the Mobile Backend As a Service category of software reminds me of the J2EE landscape. While the J2EE services were geared towards building web apps, MBaaS services are geared for the needs of native mobile apps. Obviously, there is no standardization in the MBaaS world, but the idea is the same.

    OpenMobster, is an Open Source MBaaS platform based on Java and provides the following services:

    • Enterprise Data Sync and Replication (like iCloud for your Enterprise)
    • Push Notifications
    • Location-Oriented Infrastructure

    The platforms supported are:

    • Android
    • iOS
    • PhoneGap 

    For more details about this release, please see:

  2. Kii Cloud leading MBaaS provider[ Go to top ]

    Hi all,

    We wanted to let you know about the Kii Cloud MBaaS service... recently covered in TechCrunch... 

    A mobile back-end as a service (MBaaS) called Kii Cloud officially opened for developers recently, boasting 25 million end users and a group of distribution partners, including NTT docomo. Kii Cloud, in development for the past two years, marries APIs and SDKs with a proprietary back end that abstracts the complexity of building servers.

    Anyhow we're excited to offer this service for free during beta so come check it out at