Now you can count on JPA for performance centric applications


News: Now you can count on JPA for performance centric applications

  1. We all loved the JPA ever since it came ot in early 2000s. In combination with EJB 3.0 spec, the programming was a lot easier and fun.

    Then came the boom in web 2.0, mobile applications, social applications. Applications become huge and while once the developer was an expensive resource, tables have turned and with the systems getting larger and larger, frameworks like JPA, EJB have become more expensive to run. Even because these technologies were so cpu intensive, no one ever ddared to run on mobile platforms like Android.

    Fortunately, there is now Batoo JPA, the new smart kid on the block. Batoo JPA is built on top of JPA 2.0 spec and with the performance being the top priority. 

    We wish fellow Enterprise  and Mobile Java architects and developers to give it a try. You may find Batoo JPA at



    Hasan Ceylan

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  2. Thanks for the good laugh[ Go to top ]

    "Error establishing a database connection", how ironic!

  3. Yes it is indeed... :)[ Go to top ]

    Unfortunately due to the news on and, we had a heavy demand on our server that it went down a couple of times. We are setting up a new server.

    We are glad that the interest was big enough to bring our server down. On the other hand we apologize for the down time.



  4. Wow! At least we have something that can replace Hibernate and that is not at the same a buggy POS (like EclipseLink).

    Batoo's source code is easy to read and is quite clean, there's none of Hibernate's super-abstracted crap with events, handlers and hacks to make these events and handlers work.

    Great job!

  5. Thanks a lot Alex. And what a project needs to be successful is members of community like you.

  6. Buggy?[ Go to top ]

    Hi Alex -

    a buggy POS (like EclipseLink).

    Can you share what you mean by this?


    Cameron Purdy | Oracle

  7. Buggy?[ Go to top ]

    Hi Alex -

    a buggy POS (like EclipseLink).

    Can you share what you mean by this?

    Exactly that. It's buggy and it's slow. We've tried to use it as a Hibernate replacement but it sucked even more: lots of issues with embeddable elements, custom types, caching, etc. At least with Hibernate we can usually find a well-known workaround for its bugs.

    We've ended up writing our own very small ORM for a subset of JPA that we actually use, but we're eager to get rid of it.

  8. Buggy?[ Go to top ]

    If you're willing to take a few minutes with one of the engineers working on EclipseLink, send me an email at first name dot last name at oracle dot com. I'd appreciate understanding what went wrong with it.

    (Apologies for side-tracking this topic.)


    Cameron Purdy | Oracle

  9. buggy????[ Go to top ]

    Been using toplink, then toplink essential and now eclipselink for years without problems. Can't remember of any bug that wasn't already fixed in later release. Most of the time, "bugs" appeared to be my fault anyway. Now that I know JPA quite well, I am not aware of any bug affecting whatever I want to do with it.

    Being on Eclipselink users mailing list for some time now, I bet the problems you encountered weren't bugs.

  10. buggy????[ Go to top ]

    Just to get in the mix, another viable JPA 2.0 implementation is Apache OpenJPA ( Our latest release is 2.2.1 ( We've been focused on providing a performant JPA 2.0 implementation since day one.