Evaluating Oracle's stewardship of Java, two years on


News: Evaluating Oracle's stewardship of Java, two years on

  1. At the third JavaOne conference since Oracle took ownership of the Java platform, the mood was significantly brighter than it was during both the first and the second. It would appear that much of the apprehension initially expressed by the community has dissipated, and despite a few missteps along the way, Oracle seems to be earning a degree of confidence and respect.

    In this Dr.Dobbs article, Andrew Binstock gives Oracle a report card, evaluating Oracle's performance.

    “Like many people, I was very concerned about Java's fate when Oracle acquired Sun two years ago. Even though the Redwood Shores-based giant had previously invested heavily in Java via its purchase of BEA Systems — the leading Java server vendor at the time — the future direction of the language under its new masters was far from clear. Scenarios ranged from Oracle turning the language and JDK into a proprietary thing that hewed exclusively to corporate dictates, to benign scenarios in which the company would leave things more or less as they were with a Sun-equivalent investment in advancing the platform.?

    Read the full article at Dr. Dobbs: Two Years Later: A Report Card On Oracle's Ownership of Java


  2. So let me recap: "Two years later - nothing has changed".

  3. Oh a whole heap has changed (mostly for the better) - but the main stream tech media simply don't bother with basic journalism - you know - like actually asking stakeholders in the ecosystem what's really going on *sigh*.