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    Hello everybody. I'm starting a new proyect based on Java technology and I would like to know what kind of web server, programming approach and database managing system you advise me. The basic lines of the proyect are that it will be an web application, running against a web server which have to establish database connections to request and perform queries. The web application have to run under IE and Netscape; the database managing system can change along the time, so it could be SQLServer or Informix or Oracle... so I need a programming approach that allows me to develop the code without many problems concerning the DBMS. What's the best solution? I think it could be servlets but hard to code. Maybe JSP?
    Please give me some choices and/or tell me about your experience.

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    Definitely JSP. Use Apache for your web server. Tomcat for your JSP/Servlets.

    As for your database, it really doesn't matter. Just use JDBC. If you are concerned about inter-database portability, then make sure that you don't use any proprietary database functions -- or as little as possible.

    Sometimes, native DB code can't be avoided... such as getting the value of a sequence/identity/auto-increment column. Just keep it light.

    Good luck,