Oracle announced the availability of Oracle ADF Mobile – a framework the enables the development of hybrid applications for mobile devices. Oracle ADF Mobile uses Java and HTML5 and enables developers to develop a single application that installs and runs on both iOS and Android systems.

Java - Application logic is developed with the Java language. Oracle brings a lightweight Java VM embedded with each application so you can develop all your business logic in the platform neutral language you know and love! (Yes, even iOS!)

Hybrid UI Approach - For the UI developers can mix and match three approaches:

  • Use the declarative HTML5 components provided with the framework, which provides all the normal input and layout controls you expect and also add charts/maps/gauges along with it to provide a very comprehensive UI controls.
  • Use other HTML5 framework like JQuery
  • Include content generated on remote servers – for example JSF content

Device Feature Access - Oracle ADF simplifies access to device services such as Camera, SMS, locations, contacts and more with a simple drag and drop creation of interaction.

Secure – ADF Mobile provides integrated security that works with your server back-end as well. Whether you’re using remote URLs, local HTML or AMX, you can secure any/all of your features with a single consistent login page. Since we also give you SQLite encryption, we are assured that your data is safe.

Productive - Focused on a visual and declarative development approach, Oracle ADF Mobile extends the development experience provided by Oracle ADF from Web to Mobile devices.

Download and Learn more about Oracle ADF Mobile here: