how to get detail data for a particular Id on onBlur


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  1. Iam Srinivas Reddy B
    I had a screen on which there is a field(TextBox) called CustomerId.
    And when I enter the Id of the Customer I must get the Address details onBlur of this field.
    I dont want to bring all the customerid and their details
    onLoad of the form.Instead of that I want to interact with the sessionbean which inturn interacts data base once I loose the focus of the text field.

    please help me if U had the solution.
    I will be happy If U reply to my mail Id

  2. Hello,

    What you might try doing is writing a Javascript function that will open a frame with the address information on the field's onblur action. Something like this:

    <script language=javascript>
      function showAddressInformation()
        var custid = document.forms[0].customerid.value;'show_address_info.jsp?customerid=' + custid);


    <form action=blah.jsp method=post>
      Customer ID : <input type=text name=customerid onblur='showAddressInformation();'>


    This will work on all browsers. If you are wanting to show this information on the same page, you will have to write browser-specific code to get it to work in both browsers (IE and Netscape).

    Another alternative is to just write a small applet which represents this field. But that approach is probably overkill. Just open the window on the 'onblur' event... and that should take care of your problem domain.