The new JRebel for NetBeans plugin has been released and is now available from the Plugins view in NetBeans IDE. The new version is 1.3.1 and it includes a few very nice improvements. Namely:

  • JRebel Remoting comes to NetBeans - Now NetBeans users can utilize JRebel on both local and remote machines with JRebel Remoting
  • New Configuration Wizard helps you get set up faster - with the new UI, you can configure the JRebel agent, logging, select JRebel plugins and activate the license.
  • Improved JRebel-NetBeans integration - supports an API that can be used to contribute JRebel arguments to the launcher (e.g. -javaagent)

According to ZeroTurnaround's Developer Productivity Report 2012, usage of the NetBeans IDE increased 80% since 2011, falling in at #3 behind Eclipse and IntelliJ in terms of popularity. Both Eclipse and IntelliJ have seen new JRebel plugin releases in recent months.