BEA Announces WebLogic Integration J2EE Enterprise Integration


News: BEA Announces WebLogic Integration J2EE Enterprise Integration

  1. BEA Announces WebLogic Integration for Dramatically Simplified Enterprise Integration
    BEA's Standards-Based Approach Attracts Support of More Than a Dozen Market Leading Independent Software Vendors, System Integrators, and Other Business Partners
    SAN FRANCISCO JavaOne(SM) Developer Conference June 4, 2001 BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS), one of the world's leading e-business infrastructure software companies, today announced a surge of support from more than a dozen market leading independent software vendors (ISVs), system integrators (SIs), and other business partners, for the newly announced BEA WebLogic Integration, designed to dramatically simplify enterprise integration. Responding to an acute market need for a streamlined integration solution, BEA WebLogic Integration is the only platform to combine the application development and deployment capabilities of the award-winning BEA WebLogic Server the world’s #1 application server for the Java platform with comprehensive, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) standards based application integration, business process management and B2B integration capabilities.

    "BEA WebLogic Integration, BEA's powerful new J2EE technology based integration solution, dramatically simplifies the task of integrating proprietary, legacy systems with standards-based applications," said Ivan Koon, president of the BEA E-Commerce Integration Division. "A complete integration infrastructure, it enables data from a range of systems to be shared and integrated across the enterprise. This is a tremendous leap forward for the integration marketplace, evidenced by the surge of support we have received from our partners. This solution will fundamentally change the way companies accomplish integration."

    Universal Connectivity
    BEA WebLogic Integration provides a standards-based integration framework that enables disparate applications to talk to each other through a common protocol using adapters. Developed with the J2EE Connector Architecture (J2EE CA), BEA WebLogic Integration features an Adapter Development Kit (ADK) that streamlines adapter creation, testing, packaging and distribution. The standardized adapter technology within BEA WebLogic Integration’s ADK makes "universal connectivity" possible, one of the reasons for the ISV and SI communities’ strong support for this solution. The ADK integration framework for BEA WebLogic Integration eliminates the time-consuming and resource-intensive challenges of connecting a host of proprietary languages, by developing adapters that can be built using a single, open language.

    "Sun continues to support open standards as the foundation for integrated, extensible networks and applications that can adapt as the market changes," said Rich Green, vice president and general manager, Java Software, Sun Microsystems. "BEA’s standards-based integration approach using the J2EE Connector Architecture allows our mutual customers maximum flexibility and interoperability of their applications, helping them grow their business quickly and seamlessly."

    Numerous high-profile SIs have embraced BEA WebLogic Integration, building BEA WebLogic Integration practices, developing adapters and process plug-ins, dedicating resources to train personnel in its use, and engaging in co-marketing activities with BEA to further the product’s market penetration. To date, BEA WebLogic Integration SI partners include AMS, Arsin, CSC, Infogain Corporation, and Stellcom.

    "CSC fully supports the J2EE Connector Architecture standard, and we expect quick adoption of this standard by the system integrator community," said Philip Karecki, CSC’s Chief Architect for Net Inventions. "CSC has installed BEA WebLogic Integration in our Excellence Center, and we will include BEA WebLogic Integration into our Process Design methodologies, offering our customers a completely standards-based integration solution."

    There are currently more than 25 J2EE Connector Architecture adapters for BEA WebLogic Integration in development, including adapters for leading packaged applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Siebel and Vignette; database, legacy and utility adapters; key vertical application adapters, such as telecommunications billing; and supply chain management and B2B adapters. Adapters or Business Process Management Plug-ins from AMS, Arsin Corporation, EzCommerce, Infogain Corporation, Insevo (formerly B2B-ERP), KPMG and Stellcom will be demonstrated at the BEA booth (#815) at Sun’s JavaOne Developer Conference June 4-7 in San Francisco.

    Recognizing the competitive advantage in delivering "build to integrate" products with easy-to-install and easy-to-configure adapters, several ISVs, service providers, and other industry leaders have also stated their support for BEA WebLogic Integration, including Actional, Attunity, BroadVision, Calico, Cardonet, CEON, Chordiant, eGain, Electron Economy, EzCommerce, Insevo, Jamcracker, Loudcloud, PeopleSoft, SAPMarkets, Siebel, Sun Microsystems, and Vignette.

    Integration Star Solution
    In an effort to extend business opportunities for its partners, BEA is adding another dimension to its successful Star Partner Program designed to build communities around the key product, solution and vertical areas in which many of its partners specialize.

    The initiative, called Star Solutions, will launch with the announcement of the Integration Star Solution. The Integration Star Solution will give BEA partners the tools they need to develop and deploy standards-based adapters and packaged processes using BEA WebLogic Integration. Initial participants will receive marketing and sales assistance from BEA to help accelerate their time to market, as well as support offerings. Several ISV and SI partners, including AMS, Arsin, Attunity, EzCommerce, Infogain Corporation, Insevo and Stellcom have become initial participants of the Integration Star Solution. General partner admission into this Solution will begin with the general release of BEA WebLogic Integration. Details of the Star Solutions and partner qualification criteria will be available over the coming months. For more information about the BEA Star Solutions, call 1-866-323-STAR.

    BEA WebLogic Integration will be available June 2001.

    Legal Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

    Some of the statements in this press release are forward-looking, including the statements regarding the functionality, features and benefits of BEA WebLogic Integration (the "Product"); the availability and the shipping dates of the Product; adoption of the J2EE Connector Architecture standard; development of J2EE CA adapters for BEA WebLogic Integration; and the launch of the Star Solutions initiative. Actual results could differ materially from those expressed in any forward-looking statements. Risks and uncertainties BEA faces that could cause results to differ materially include risks associated with: any unforeseen technical difficulties related to the final development of the Product or the J2EE CA adapters, including the integration of the Product and these adapters with each other and with other BEA products; the effectiveness of the implementation of the Product by customers; any technological or other changes in the markets addressed by the Product which could require technical or feature changes in the Product; and technological or market changes that could render the J2EE Connector Architecture standard incomplete or outdated. Readers should also refer to the risk disclosures set forth in BEA’s 10-K for the year ended January 31, 2001 as filed with the SEC and subsequent reports filed thereafter from time-to-time with the SEC. The forward-looking statements contained in this release are made as of the date hereof, and BEA does not assume any obligation to update such statements nor the reasons why actual results could differ materially from those projected in such statements.

    About BEA
    BEA Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: BEAS) is one of the world’s leading e-business infrastructure software companies, with more than 10,000 customers around the world, including the majority of the Fortune Global 500. BEA and its WebLogic® brand are among the most trusted names in e-business. Businesses built on the award-winning BEA WebLogic E-Business Platform™ are reliable, highly scalable, and poised to bring new services to market quickly. BEA’s e-business platform is the de facto standard for more than 1,900 system integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs) and application service providers (ASPs) to provide complete solutions that fast-track and future-proof e-businesses for high growth and profitability. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., BEA has 92 offices in 32 countries and is on the Web at

  2. Does it mean the end of the eLink Platform? Or maybe is eLink going from Tuxedo to WebLogic?

    Any ideas?

  3. elink will still be supported, but the emphasis will be on WLI. Java/J2EE/JCA coupled with the scalability and robustness of WLS along with J2EE-oriented workflow will make integration 10 times easier than with proprietary approaches.
  4. What kind of solution do you suggest for the BEA customers that already use eLink with custom adapters (for example - for their core banking system):
    - rewriting the adapters using JCA
    - adding WLS/WLI on the top of exising integration infrastructure

    The second solution requires bidirectional Tuxedo-WLS communication. Is it available? (as I remember Jolt is unidirectional).