Exo IDE: an online IDE for coding and deploying apps in the cloud?


News: Exo IDE: an online IDE for coding and deploying apps in the cloud?

  1. Exo IDE, an environment for coding, building, and debugging apps in the cloud, just revealed new features and partnerships, all designed to make developers and their teams more productive. Here are the top 5 announcements:

    • Smart project creation and deployment for Java, Spring, Ruby, Python and PHP apps.
    • JRebel integration that saves minutes on every deploy.
    • Added AppFog deployment to the existing supported PaaS list, in addition to AWS, CloudBees, Google App Engine, Heroku and OpenShift.
    • Fixed-width font for better reading and coding.
    • Team development through JAR publishing

    Read more: http://blog.exoplatform.com/2012/11/20/exo-ide-top-5-new-features-of-the-month/
    Try Exo IDE: http://cloud-ide.com/

  2. How much it cost?[ Go to top ]

    Nice idea. I love the idea of a Java IDE in the cloud.

    What is the business model behind Exo IDE?

    What is (or will be) the price?

  3. How much it cost?[ Go to top ]

    For now the service is free.  The service will be following the GitHub model in the future, where it will be free for open source projects, and there will be a fee for privacy, encryption, and compliance / authorization features for organizations.  

    We haven't set pricing yet - and will launch our paid service in 2013.

  4. I like Exo IDE because devs can share workspaces easier, allowing for better collaboration, which is clearly the way things are moving forward. Also, adding JRebel to the mix is a great move - super fast, iterative development is the only way of the future. No more redeploys :-)