Problem when access SQL Server from J2EE Server(Urgent)


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Problem when access SQL Server from J2EE Server(Urgent)

  1. I have a problem when i use J2EE server connecting to SQL Server 7.0. I use the the Sequeline 5.1 (jdbc driver for sql server which i downloaded the evaluation product from I follow the instruction how to config but i still get error when i start J2EE server. Here is the error message

    Binding DataSource, name = jdbc/Merant, url = jdbc/XAMerant
    java.lang.NullPointerException at java.util.Hashtable.put( com.sun.enterprise.ServerConfiguration.getProperties(
            at com.sun.enterprise.resource.PoolManagerImpl.installJdbcXADataSources(
            at com.sun.enterprise.resource.PoolManagerImpl.installJdbcDataSources(Po
            at com.sun.enterprise.server.J2EEServer.main(
    Error instantiating class com.merant.sequelink.jdbcx.datasource.SequeLinkDatasou
    rce. Please check J2EE_CLASSPATH.

    Here is what i config in file

    jdbc.drivers=COM.cloudscape.core.RmiJdbcDriver:com.merant.sequelink.jdbc.SequeLinkDriver # JDBC URL Examples:
    # Oracle thin driver:
    # jdbc:oracle:thin:@<host>:<port>:<sid>
    # Cloudscape RMI driver:
    # jdbc:cloudscape:rmi:<database>;create=true
    # Merant driver:
    # jdbc:sequelink://<host>:<port>/[SQLServer];Database=<database>


    Expecting reply soon
    Thank you
  2. hi,
     i think u didn't append the driver jar in the J2EE_CLASSPATH..i think better u can go for sun jdbc odbc is simple to configure and use..
  3. Although the JDBC:ODBC driver is not as robust as straight JDBC drivers ( especially ones that are commercially available and supported), and sun themselves don't recommend it for anything other than evaulation/prototyping.