During the past year or so many people have been asking questions about the future by GWT. To understand the community better Vaadin did a large 40 question survey and 1300 GWT developers answered. Now we are ready to publish the results in form of a comprehensive report.

Our goal when creating this report was twofold:

  • To find people in the community who are highly interested in the future of GWT - so that we as a community can learn from their experience, benefit from their feedback, and support their future needs
  • To work with the GWT Steering Committee to provide valuable insights and information - so that community members can make educated decisions, and non-GWT users can gain more visibility into the technology - to better understand its strengths and weaknesses.

We found that creating this report has been a highly enlightening experience, and everyone involved has been both surprised and intrigued by the results. Today we’re proud to announce its release to the public, and we look forward to the conversation that follows!

You can download the 30 page report at: