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    What is the difference between Context & Initialcontext?

  2. Context is the root of the JNDI namespace maintained by the server. Use the InitialContext constructor to get the same.
    Bhavesh Bhammar
  3. Context is the collection of namespaces ( resources ) found anywhere in the net. It could be a printer, a LDAP server,
    a DNS server or a Remote Object.
    IntialContext is the starting point to obtain a reference to any of the namespaces or resources.
    JNDI uses contextfactory and a provider url to locate any namespace.

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  5. Ok, I would like to give a comparison from another view.

    1. Context is an interface which is a part of JNDI specification while InitialContext is a class which implements Context!

    2. InitialContext is Sun's reference implementation class
    of Context. In other J2EE-compatible products, there may/maynot be InitialContext class.