The GMaps4JSF team is pleased to announce the release of GMaps4JSF 3.0.0. GMaps4JSF aims at integrating Google maps with JSF. Using GMaps4JSF, JSF developers will be also able to construct rich Streetview Panoramas and Google Maps with just few lines of code (JSF tags).

GMaps4JSF provides JSF components that make it easy to:
1. Create the map using (latitude and longitude) or (address).
2. Add marker(s) to the map.
3. Add information text(s) to the map.
4. Add control(s) to the map.
5. Create event listener(s) on the map objects.
6. Draw polyline(s) on the map.
7. Draw polygon(s) on the map.
8. Draw circle(s) on the map.
9. Add groundOverlay(s) on the map.
10. Perform different operations on the map like zoom in and out, switching between map types, ...etc.
11. Create a Streetview Panorama and integrate it simply with the map.

In the new GMaps4JSF 3.0.0 release (which depends on >= JSF 2.0), the following features are included:
1. Supporting Google Maps version v 3.10.

2. Supporting Ajaxified Map actions:

3. Supporting Ajaxified Marker actions:

Check these demos for more details:
1. Drag the marker on the map to know the place name and weather information:

2. Mashup World Integrated (Google Maps + Twitter + YouTube + Yahoo! Weather):

3. Full Examples of GMaps4JSF 3.0.0: