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General J2EE: TestNG and Junit which is better one?

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    TestNG and Junit which is better one?

    My team recently need to develop a web service application based on CXF, we are now choosing a Junit test framework to write unit tests. I know Junit is more standard and famous, but I did some research learn the Junit tutorial and TestNG from online, I learnt that Testng is more options and powerful, for example: group test, Dependency Test and parameters test.

    anybody have ideas?


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    I take advantage of JUnit in my own online courses, as well as in my guide. I don't do that since we contemplate it Agreater' than TestNG. I actually do it since we contemplate it more straightforward to utilize and comprehend than TestNG, which it's greater paperwork online.

    In my own connection with manufacturing function, I've just utilized TestNG on a single task. On other tasks JUnit was the check delivery device that people utilized. And so I scale from that, that individuals are more prone to knowledge JUnit experience within their daily work, than TestNG encounter. Which encounter is advantageous to attract upon, when understanding.

    TestNG and JUnit are each much the same regarding easy steps, therefore the majority of the thing you need to understand on my programs pertains to each resources.

    I've caused TestNG on a single task. And on that task, it was just the check group which used it. Everyone employed JUnit. The check group utilized it due to the personalisation like a INCHPractical" check tool, and not soleley a Device check tool. e.g. the marking and dependencies etc. it was years back and there have been substantial variations between your resources at this time. I believe JUnit was nevertheless JUnit v THREE and also the TestNG guide acquired simply been launched. Additionally the folks deciding weren't especially skilled within the check delivery frameworks. Actually, it was we that made a decision to utilize it, since we noticed lots of people on-line stating it was greater regarding Apractical' testing e.g GUI testing and API s/w testing.

    Ultimately, we relocated to JUnit. Not since TestNG was 'poor', but since JUnit was a much better fit-for our programs, procedure and atmosphere:

    JUnit SOME arrived on the scene
    We're able to do virtually what we desired in both device
    The builders understood and utilize JUnit therefore we're able to utilize their encounter
    It fallen one hurdle from getting discussed signal possession using the improvement group
    JUnit paperwork on-line was more straightforward to utilize and comprehend compared to TestNG guide.

    In my own manufacturing function today, we attempt to maintain my check signal as easy when I may, and so I frequently steer clear of the sophisticated options that come with JUnit, and also the sophisticated options that come with TestNG, indicating there's less to tell apart between these.

    After I consider the upkeep and paperwork with time, we observe JUnit as getting encountered more alter and upkeep than TestNG, using JUnit intentionally attempting to concentrate on its primary talents and assign Aaspect' performance (e.g. Statements and coordinating) off to Hamcrest. Therefore maintaining it easier.

    JUnit data-driven screening is not easy. But I came across TestNG information companies weren't that easy to obtain my mind around after I began both. But JUnit data-driven will virtually what I want, and that I may usually attempt JUnit params easily believe we need to create it simpler.

    Therefore, to summarize, I take advantage of JUnit on my instruction since:

    I take advantage of it in manufacturing
    All of the manufacturing groups I've caused use JUnit
    I believe JUnit is simpler for novices to work well with
    JUnit offers more online learinng resources to simply help
    I believe the fundamental JUnit abilities anyone discover are transferrable to TestNG, if you are using that in your website.

    Experience liberated to assess the options that come with each in your website and create your personal knowledgeable choice, after you have discovered the fundamentals of the automatic you have to do.