Why devs love CI: A guide to loving continuous integration


News: Why devs love CI: A guide to loving continuous integration

  1. According to a recent report on developer productivity, the #1 aspect of the coding life that keeps developers up at night is "Making Deadlines", yet only 49% of those surveyed use Continuous Integration tools of any kind.

    So shouldn’t we be worrying about getting them the best tools, technologies and methodologies for not only meeting deadlines, but delivering the best quality software possible as well? Software developers value their precious time and need to have organizational support in selecting the right tool set and best practices to optimize their work.

    This report focuses on Continuous Integration (CI)--the development practice of performing software integration frequently (i.e. several times a day) and building your system automatically after each commit into a shared version control repository--and how it enables devs to automate & speed up certain processes as well as sleep better at night by eliminating hassles often caused by long integration cycles: broken builds, manual merging hell and regressions.

    Our belief is that Continuous Integration should be a mandatory part of your Java ecosystem, and in this report we cover:

    • Introduction to CI, a little history and different tools used in the ecosystem
    • Five obnoxiously obvious reasons why your development organization should implement CI
    • Getting started with Jenkins, Bamboo and TeamCity: three CI servers with which we have some experience
    • Getting CI in your team (keeping tests green, loving your CI server and project health)
    • Expanding CI in your organization (CI server maintenance, scaling, hardware, cloud, and finding your CI master)

    Get the full report by Rebel Labs: http://zeroturnaround.com/rebellabs/why-developers-love-ci/

  2. It seems a bit light, but I guess it's not that surprising. Injecting new tools into your ecosystem is always tough, especially in large organizations. But the benefits are totally there with CI in development teams...