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    I'd like to find out what implementations (commercial and/or open source) for JMS to MSMQ available today.

    Thanks in advance.

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    IBM have a JMS layer on top of MSMQ, and lots of documentation to go with it.
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    Woops, misread - sorry, thats MQSeries, my mistake.
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    Fiorano has a bridge product for MSMQ and MQSeries.

    The datasheet, docs, & download links are off of

    From the datasheet:

    Together, the FioranoMQ Server and the FioranoMQ Bridge enable you to send all types of JMS messages including Srings, Bytes, and Streams, etc. to an external messaging server. In addition, you can receive messages from either a MSMQ or IBM MQSeries Server. Messages are converted to a appropriate JMS message format and is transparent to the FioranoMQ user.

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    Hi There is realy nice article on this blog related to sending and reciveing message from MSMQ to JMS .