I am working in EJB entity bean using a Serializable value object. Once i created the jar file and complied the code using ejbc. Everthing going fine. While i am deploying the my jar its giving the error is
NoClassDefFoundError: weblogic/cmp/rdbms/PSRdbms_Base and
 A class that the bean or interface classes depend on
is not in the EJB jar file or the classpath.

I will explain my procedure here.
My value object is
package userValue;
import java.io.*;

public class UsersData implements Serializable {

  private String strUserName;
public UsersData()
public UsersData(String strUserName)
this.strUserName = strUserName;

  public int getUserName() {
    return this.strUserName;
public void setUserName(String strUserName) {
    this.strUserName = strUserName;
THis is about value object. I am impleting usersdata in ejb bean. I will write my code here.

package userValue;
import userValue.*;

public class UserValueEJB implements EntityBean
//public class UserValueEJB extends UsersData implements EntityBean

public UserValuePK ejbCreate(UsersData ValueObjUser) throws CreateException
{ this.userid = ValueObjUser.getUserId();
this.username =ValueObjUser.getUserName();
this.password = ValueObjUser.getPassword();
this.secretquestion = ValueObjUser.getQuestion();
this.secretanswer = ValueObjUser.getAnswer();
this.usertype = ValueObjUser.getUserType();
this.email1 = ValueObjUser.getEmail1();
this.email2 = ValueObjUser.getEmail2();
return (null);

THis is about my code. I set classpath and i put the complied in to c:\weblogic\myserver\severclasses as package name. WHile deployment i am facing this problem saying NoClassDefFoundError. Please explain where exactly i am facing problem. Is there any problem for using Value object.

Please explain in detial where i am facing problem. Please explain imm this urgent requirment for client. If you can make a call please make call to 408 441 1490.

Please responde asap.

Thanks in advance.