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    Hi All :

     I am looking at the BMP or CMP issue, I get to propose which way our team should go ?

     Do you have any idea on that ?

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    Hi Lawrence,

    There is same discussion thred here under Performance section.

    Okay, First we will see what is BMP and What is CMP.

    In CMP, the contaier is responsible for the Persitence related Handling. The programmer need not to worry about the persistence related code. He can simply focus on the Business logic.

    In BMP, the programmer has to write all the persisitence related code. Definitely if programmer is well worse with database programming and he can write efficient code, BMP can be efficiet.

    Other than this BMP is not giving any advantage. Yes, if you have requirement to map more than one Table to one entity bean you have to go for BMP.

    But see, if the requirement is not like that, Than definitely we should go CMP only. After all it is well tested code. If you have specific queried please let me know.

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    What does BMP and CMP stand for?

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    BMP = Bean Managed Persistance

    CMP = Container Managed Persistance

    These are theoritical defenitions , the related details u can find in any book .