Rebel Labs Report: "The Adventurous Developer's Guide to JVM Languages"


News: Rebel Labs Report: "The Adventurous Developer's Guide to JVM Languages"

  1. What do you do when you’re feeling adventurous? Go bungee jumping, eat spicy food, or put your plans to build Giant Robots on to YouTube? How about cheating on Java and coding in another JVM language?

    When Rebel Labs set out to create The Adventurous Developer’s Guide to JVM Languages, we wanted to review 8 languages and set up a sample HTTP Server in each tongue (all examples are in a single repo on Github). We talked with some of the creators of the languages, and included their commentary inside the report. In general, our goal was to accomplish a simple few things:

    • Explore some of the languages for the JVM that we didn’t know so well, like ClojureCeylon and Fantom
    • Get to know better some of the newer features of languages for the JVM that we do know about, like Java 8Scala and Groovy
    • Play around with some newcomers to the JVM party that we’d never had a chance to before, like Kotlin and Xtend

    Honestly, we tried to try to keep it all as short and simple as possible, but this report came out about 50 pages! :-/

    If you feel like experimenting with the darker corners of the JVM, testing the limits of the platform as we know it, and hearing about what the creators & experts from Groovy, Fantom, Ceylon, Kotlin and Xtend have to say about their own language and those of others, then get your free copy of the report now :)

    Get the full 50-page report here:


  2. Who wants to go all the way, will do anyway. And if someone doesn't want to register, he doesn't need to click the link at all, right? Thank you

  3. Good comment above about registering. Disclaimer: I'm the Head of Rebel Labs, the creator of the report.

    So what would be the ideal process to get your hands on this content? I'd love to hear it.

    One limitation for us, in certain ways, is that sign ups and new community members are the business metric that we are beholden to respect. Otherwise, the cost of the time of the people who create these reports would not be possibly for our tiny team support.

    The point is, because we are a "free" brand inside of a commercial entity that sells very highly regarded products like JRebel and LiveRebel, we would hope to have the chance to show you these products to the benefit of your own home-coding, or that of your IT organization, so that when we sell them we get dollars for the company to use to employ people who work on reports that we don't charge for. The cycle of IT life, indeed!

    If you have any feedback, notes, suggestions or complaints, please ping @Rebel_Labs on Twitter. Best way of getting more people in on the conversation.

    Oh, and in future posts, I'll make sure we mention the sign up :)

  4. Please forgive the previous typos. Read: "Otherwise, the cost of the time of the people who create these reports would not be possible for our tiny team to support financially."