JRebel 5.2 Released: Less Java restarts than ever before


News: JRebel 5.2 Released: Less Java restarts than ever before

  1. Between JRebel 5.1 and 5.2, we delivered 3 minor releases (5.1.1, 5.1.2, 5.1.3), spending a lot of time on improving existing functionality rather than adding completely new features; however, we still have some new stuff for you, here is the list real fast:

    • Apache Camel – JRebel now supports reloading routes and endpoints in Apache Camel 2.10 without starting
    • Spring Framework – JRebel can now handle Spring 3’s @Configuration annotated classes
    • JDeveloper – JRebel extends full IDE support for JDeveloper, bundling the JRebel agent into the plugin
    • Mustache & Thymeleaf – JRebel can now clean up internal cache with these two template engines
    • IDE plugins and debugging – Totally reworked debugger integration now shows updates to classes in the expression editor
    • Framework plugin updates – JRebel 5.2 includes any changes to the 48 different frameworks supported
    • New Documentation – Last, but not least, we got a new documentation layout and interaction.

    See the full release notes, and have a productive day! http://zeroturnaround.com/jrebel/jrebel-5-2-released-updates-for-apache-camel-spring-framework-jdeveloper-ide-plugins/

  2. Still love the "dollars saved" metric that JRebel includes (or used to include). Great marketing idea and means developers get to shut down any whinging about whether or not it was worth the money. 

    They also put up a ROI calculator on their website to help the devs out. Would help a lot with purchasing if all companies created such things.



    Now if only we could have something like that for pointless meetings.



    Nathan Lee


  3. Thanks for the feedback Nathan. Indeed, our ROI calc for JRebel is instrumental in some decisions to move forward with this tooling for Java development teams. Once you see that you can see how avoiding long redeploys / app restarts in development, that quickly translates to lots of money saved. Thanks for spreading the word! :)

  4. A must tool[ Go to top ]

    We've saved numerous man hours of redeploy time during development. If you a java development shop like ours and have modular project structures this is a must tool.

  5. Fewer restarts!  "Fewer", not "less", damnit!