Code Quality Tools Review for 2013: Sonar, Findbugs, PMD and Checkstyle


News: Code Quality Tools Review for 2013: Sonar, Findbugs, PMD and Checkstyle

  1. When we released our Developer Productivity Report last year, it was the first time we asked our respondents about Code Quality Tools, which have evolved to be pretty versatile and customizable, and typically they are integrated into your build process (but can also be run manually in a one-off fashion).

    What’s interesting is that the entire code quality tools ecosystem is kind of meant to be complementary, and not really competing. This is indicated by the fact that there really isn’t a clear leader in the code quality tools space, although Sonar, which combines all three other tools into a single package, seems to be the most well suited for advanced users & enterprise teams.

    What IS good to see is that a significant portion of our respondents use some kind of code quality tool, we believe this to be because of how well Java lends itself to static analysis. Thus, many of the advancements in code quality tools have been tied to integration with other technologies and improved rule sets that increase the accuracy with which future bugs can be identified.

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  2. Sonar got a rough deal there?[ Go to top ]

    Not sure why sonar (which as the report says) which contains the other tools scores lower than those tools?


    Sonar got 23%, yet it includes the other tools. Huh? How does that work?