Taking the WebSphere Liberty Profile for a spin, using Intellij on the iMac


News: Taking the WebSphere Liberty Profile for a spin, using Intellij on the iMac

  1. Having recently purchased a Mac, Intellij 12 in their "Doomsday Sale" and having my interest perked by the WebSphere liberty dev team giving an IAMA on Reddit, I thought I'd see how this setup compared to my usual setup i.e. Windows, RAD and WebSphere server with all its bells and bloat.

    In this first post I walk through installing the WAS Liberty Next Profile and setting up a simple JEE6 project, via a Maven archetype. Full conclusions I'll leave for another post, when I've done some "proper" work, as opposed to the Mickey Mouse example described below.

    Check out the post at http://www.planetjones.co.uk/blog/24-03-2013/taking-was-liberty-next-profile-for-a-spin.html

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  2. Too late?[ Go to top ]

    I think it's great that IBM is finally trying to make WebSphere not suck for developers after years of what amounts to torture but I have to wonder if it's just too late to the party.  It's past has been so bad that I've never met a developer that's liked it...even a little.  The only people still using WebSphere are banks and insurance companies.

  3. Maybe[ Go to top ]

    Yes I wonder if it's too late to change WebSphere's perception amongst those who aren't forced to use it at work - especially with other Java EE Profile around... but this could significantly enrich the working lives of those working in IBM shops :)

  4. Java EE...[ Go to top ]

    It's Java EE 6, not JEE6 ;)

  5. is still sucks ![ Go to top ]

    no way i m going anywhere close to web sphere.

    tomcat, jboss even glassfish will do.

    the very fact that we have ot think aboout " has ibm finally made a good app server" means they just havent and no one believes them.

    They will also try to sell 100 other products on top it. We used to use iLOg rules engine. its was nice clean simple and now IBM acquired it and it has become websphere rules mgmt ...somehting somehitng long... they are focring us to use websphere for using the rules engine.

    its easy to hate them. they just mess up every good product they acquire.

    so cant make a good product nor do they keep acquired product well.

    ( one exception to all this is MQ.  that product somehow still manages to stay solid. not sure how long before they force us to use websphere Queues :))