tops 100,000 members, opens new forums


News: tops 100,000 members, opens new forums

  1. I am pleased to announce that has finally passed the 100,000 member mark! The unprecedented growth and popularity of this site could not have been achieved without the participation and great contributions of you - our members! In response to community demand, today we have added two new forums: XML & Web Services, and J2EE General Discussion. More new features are coming shortly!

    Every time I look at that little 'membership count' in the top right corner of the homepage I feel a sense of awe at what we have been able to build together. The Middleware Company created the playground, but it was the community that drove the content and spread the word, culminating in the largest repository of J2EE design patterns and user-submitted application server reviews on the Net.

    We have a lot of features coming in the next month, infact next week we will finally have slash-dot style polls on the homepage. Within the next month we will have email integration with our forums (you will be able to receive email notification when something is posted in a forum or thread), and more. Finally, we will also be writing detailed articles about the architecture/set-up of the site.

    Thanks again everyone and keep up the good work. Spread the word of TheServerSide and encourage people to signup as members to the first - the only J2EE community!


    Floyd Marinescu and The Middleware Company
  2. Wow!



    Wishes to everyone :-p

    Lawrence Manickam
    J2EE/WebLogic Architect
  3. Congratulation!
  4. Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![ Go to top ]

    Congratulations..... && thanks for adding new forums on XML & web services & J2EE.
  5. Congrats
    Thanks for adding new forums
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