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    I'm looking for the EJB component suite for telecoms. Does anybody know of any commercial / free components for such areas as:
    - customer care
    - billing
    - customer relationship management

    Thanks in advance

  2. You may want to try searching for these on:

    There are a ton of EJB components listed here.
  3. Thanks. I've tried to search all known component directories, but I didn't manage to find nothing for telcos.

  4. Wojtek,
    I don't have an answer for you, but would be very interested in what you find. I'd be pretty surprised if there was anything. There are some JSRs in the JCP that are related to TMN and some telco related stuff, but I have not seen any EJB type products. Seems like the telco/datacomm related products out there are proprietary technology, and offer least common. Our OSS is about 50% internally built, and the vendor supplied stuff is least-common-denominator/one-size-fits-all-industries stuff, that is heavily customized. None, until now, is J2EE based.

  5. You were right. I've found some stuff for banking and financial services, but nothing for telecoms. There are some eRM/CRM like packages that can be used for customer care or contact centers, but I didn't find any billing or TMN framework.

    I'll post something here, if I find something.