One of our customers – a large online retail store – ran into such an issue. They run one of their online gift card self-service interfaces on two JVMs. Especially during peak holiday seasons – when users are activating their gift cards or checking the balance – crashes due to OOM (Out Of Memory) were more frequent which caused bad user experience. The first “measure? they took was to double the JVM Heap Size. This didn’t solve the problem as JVMs were still crashing, so they followed the memory diagnostics approach for production as explained in Java Memory Leaks to identify and fix the root cause of the problem.

Before we walk through the individual steps, let’s look at the memory graph that shows the problems they had in December during the peak of the holiday season. The problem persisted even after increasing the memory. They could fix the problem after identifying the real root cause and applying specific configuration changes to a 3rd party software component:

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