Idoox has released the first beta of our WASP Tools for Borland JBuilder that extends the IDE to provide a complete development environment for Web Services. You can download it for free from the Idoox Website at through their Early Access Program. WASP Tools for Sun Forte for Java/Netbeans is also available at the Idoox site.

Main features:
* Java2WSDL compiler that enables automated Web Service code generation from regular Java classes.
* Automated Java stub/skeleton code generation from the Web Service WSDL
* Custom serialization support
* Both local and remote Web Service deployment
We are currently working on following features which can be downloaded as they become available:
* SOAPSpy, the SOAP messagess tracing tool.
* Both client and server-side Web Service debugging.
WASP Tools for JBuilder requires Borland JBuilder 4.x or 5.x and runs on Windows and Linux operating systems.