WebSphere Application Server v4 (Single Server option) is out


News: WebSphere Application Server v4 (Single Server option) is out

  1. WebSphere v4 is available for download (NT/2000 and Redhat). It's free for development use and IBM isn't releasing this option for V.4 to the general public until next week. Also included is 60-day free access to the online support.

    Some highlights of v4:
    - Open standards includeing XML and full J2EE-certification
    - First Web Services-ready app server with SOAP, UDDI and WSDL.
    - Upgraded Java Message Service support (JMS) to JMS-XA through MQ
    - An implementation of Java 2 Connectivity (J2C) and an enhanced set of application adapters for SAP, PeopleSoft, CICS, IMS host integration, etc.
    - New Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) cache


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  2. You can find a quick review of WAS4.0 and try the AdminClient on my site at www.websphere-world.com
  3. Hi:

    In WAS 4.0 - there is no need to use PortableRemoteObject.narrow() - is this feature
    compliant to EJB spec?


    Tieu Chu
  4. Both direct class casting and PortableRemoteObject.narrow() works. It's just a convenience method.
  5. Is casting spec compliant[ Go to top ]

    No, and you should not use it because of that. Most IDEs and even products like emacs allow you to paste the code in, so stay standard until they change it.

  6. You should (according to the spec) use it for all remote objects (i.e. everything with EJB 1.1). With EJB 2.0 you don't have to use it with local EJBs - in fact you shouldn't.
  7. DOes anybody deployed Sun's petstore 1.1.2 version on WebSphere 4.0? I would appreciate if you can reply with deployment instructions and deployment descriptors.
  8. You can find the PetStore installation steps on my site now. www.websphere-world.com

  9. What version of the EJB Spec does WAS 4 support?

    What are the possibilities of developing an app which can be deployed do both Websphere and Weblogic with the same code base?

  10. Does anyone have pointers to information about the "extras"?

        - JMS Listener / MDB support
        - the "business rule bean" support
        - the "business process/workflow" preview

    Any links would be appreciated
  11. I downloaded from IBM site but can't install it. It keeps asking me username/password for IBM HTTP server even though I typed right username/password.

    any idea?


  12. I have experienced same problem while installing WAS 3.5 try to have the same username and the password as your NT then your server should start working.

  13. Hi,

    At the time of installation, it will ask you for a username and password which is having administrator rights in that system.
    If you are using Windows NT/Windows 2000, you can give the username as "Administrator" and password will be Administrator's password.

    If you have changed the password of your windows's system. ie. say you have given username as "Administrator" at the time of installation.

    The pwd supplied shud have same pwd in the windows envoirmnet with administrative rights.

    you can change the username/password provided for the
    IBM Http Server and Application Server from
    Control Panel --> Services -->

    Right click on IBM HTTP Server and select properties.
    There u can change the username and password.
    The same way for WAS


  14. yes u have to use a valid user name and password like it tells you to
  15. I am trying to find out the distributed transaction support in WebShephere 4 Adv. single server edition. Does this version support 2pc protocol?
  16. It (the developer version) is actually now available for download:


    According to IBM:

    "This fully-functioning version of WebSphere Application Server, V4.0, Advanced Single Server Edition, V4.0 allows developers to test applications on WebSphere. It runs on Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 and is available for use, free, for a six-month time period. Free electronic support for 60 days is included with this download."

  17. Hi all,

    I installed the WAS Single Server edition without much problem. However, the sample applications under Enterprise Applications are not started! And there's no start button to start them! So I individually went into each application's properties and saw START as option whenever the server restarts. I restarted the server and still they are not started, any ideas?